Movers, Shakers, and Makers We Love

Megan Simpson, North and Nourish

We are lucky to have Megan in our lives and behind most of the photos on our site. A talented photographer, avid gardener, & lover of quiet and chaos alike.  Need to know where the local seed exchange is, or how to replace the nutrients in your hobby garden soil - using seaweed? She's your gal.  

Greg Szabo, i make pins

A long time supporter and the “just do it,” guy behind the scenes. Greg is excellent at helping you believe you can make your small idea into a big reality. He’s the mastermind behind all the enamel pins in the store, and you can find him playing guitar in your favourite local band. 
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Darby Babin, Peach Tree Pieces

Darby is passionate about friendship, snacks, learning, and unlearning. Their polymer earrings are our favourite we’ve ever seen, made by hand in Ottawa. When they aren’t whipping up these super-fun-ear-dangles, they are applying for a PhD! Go Darby, go! update: Darby was recently accepted into their PhD program - hot damn! 
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Emily Kennedy, by.eak

Emily enjoys trash tv, sour beer, and is always willing to tell you about the new podcast she’s listening to.  She’s been sewing since her childhood, and put that knowledge to good use to chase away the stress of quarantine. Emily’s goal in 2021 is to fill her closet with dresses made she's made herself. 
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Nicola and Billie, Clumsy Company

Nicola and Billie are cousins, and have been attached at the hip since they were very small. For the last 6 years they were living together in Victoria, BC, and in that time, they dabbled with a few business ideas but ultimately always found themselves coming back to the dream of owning their own clothing company that is ethically made in Canada. Since the beginning, every piece has been made to order with their own four hands. They hope to continue making comfortable clothes for people who love to wear sweatpants 24/7 for years to come.
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Mia Ocolisanu, Lümia Botanicals

After years of studying herbal medicine and Ayurveda, Mia has been inspired by the essence of plants and the healing powers they contain. Compelled to share her knowledge of traditional and contemporary herbal remedies, Mia has channeled plant spirit medicine to create sustainable, gentle and potent self-care products to balance and restore mind, body & soul. 
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